Achieving a single cohesive presence with visual media solutions
You very well know what it takes to reach your goals but how you are going to do matters that is why we are here!

Media Services

Creating an experience through the illusion depends on attention to detail. From production to final outcome, it is critical with whom you partner. We know it better and so is our professional team.

Corporate videos

Strategy for a video alone is not enough. Our team has sound knowledge of auditing past efforts and designing a strategic approach for every project.

Explainer Videos

Our videos can craft a message for each niche audience and resonate within your overall audience. Tell us how excited you are about an idea and we will show it to the real world!

Rotoscoping & Keying

We are well-versed with animation techniques that produce realistic action, frame by frame.


We have mastered the Paint/Prep technique using adept techniques and knowledge of VFX programs taking care of even the minutest detail.

Match moving

You heard it right! We match CG elements into live-action footage or vive-versa, a crucial part of many VFX shots.

Corporate videos

Our production team knows how to gel with organizational leaders and create an impact. We believe a media strategy is one that fulfills the needs of the campaign and engages the target audience. Are you ready for the makeover?

Explainer Video

Crafting a creative and compelling material is what propels your brand and reach. We call this solving the biggest issue with a single strategy!

Rotoscoping & Keying

An in-depth understanding of the various animation techniques gives you an edge in creating immersive content for your customers. Techniques and strategies are Coherent’s core strength.

  • Alpha Matt – Ideal layered mattes generation using innovative techniques and approach, and made available in required format suitable for any comp package.
  • Chromo Keying – Green / Blue screen extractions obtained through keying methodologies, supported by Rotoscopy if required


Every member of our team is a part of the larger picture and the Pep artists know how their work adds value to your vision. So, paint your ideas!

  • Clean Plating – Prep / Clean-up work without having any impact to color balance and grains.
  • Restoration of frames : Dust & Scratch Removal– Frame by frame manual restoration

Match moving

The application of the right animation techniques makes the end product worth the journey with us. Allow us to match your thoughts!

  • Camera & Object Tracking – CG into Live shot - Matching the movement of camera - Extraction of information from live camera and for the object. Applying extracted information into Virtual camera.
  • Track-in – The information obtained from tracking is then used by BOTs to track-in still or image sequences into a shot.

We let our Techniques and Strategies do the magic

We leverage the latest software, tools and animation methods of the industry to integrate into your marketing efforts.