Leverage our expertise in enterprise software development, modernizing,
API integration, legacy systems and much more

"We prefer being the chosen one for clients, a trusted technology partner by reengineering solutions of varying complexity with wide-ranging expertise in every area needed for reliable software development, By all means, Coherent is your technological wormhole"

Custom Enterprise Software Development

We plug the holes and get in line to support your business infrastructure with software that is scalable and transforms vital facets of your enterprise. Get access to our industry-specific expertise to solutions that embed within your IT landscape. Reinvent your capabilities with us!

Enterprise Application Integration

Let’s arrive at the common point, we help you create an entire software ecosystem that is flawless and secure. No matter how scattered your enterprise applications are, integrating our solutions bring about business process continuity and maintain data integrity.

Legacy App Upgrade And Modernization

What you do is your history. What you set in motion is your legacy!
Every enterprise has its legacy software if yours is doing fine we make it newer. If it is no longer meeting your demands let’s re-engineer and make it flexible, enrich it with fresh features, and more secure with current technology platforms.

Modernization Of Legacy App With A Perfect Blend Of Technological Competency, Domain Expertise And Industry-Specific Experience

Legacy apps are the emotional quotient of your enterprise but sometimes outdated software can be an expensive affair to maintain and comes with much bigger risks. With our top minds and technical analysis of your legacy solution, we can resurrect it as a brand new one with added features and functionality.

Enterprise Web Apps

We deliver multifaceted enterprise solutions for companies and their employees to make their lives easy with minimal effort. The time has arrived to accelerate your enterprise activities.

  • Facilitate the daily work with documents
  • Power internal and external operations
  • Increase the productivity of your assets

Enterprise Mobile Apps

Today, if things are static then you’re not moving fast! We help you break the jinx by developing enterprise mobile applications, empowering your organization in every angle to stay connected because mobility is the success mantra!

  • Keep business data and processes at your fingertips
  • No constraints with devices, time zone, and physical location
  • Well-defined mobile strategy with increased ROI

Setting Trends in technologies for a realizable future

Technology is progressing at lightning speed, we are ready to deliver and provide our customers with enterprise solutions that stay true to their potential.


Blockchain technology is a boon for secure transactions and data inviolability. Now, even you can add this to your existing solutions.

Augmented And Virtual Reality

The applications of AR & VR are huge simply because they add a sense of reality creating a worthwhile experience for your internal and external users.

Artificial Intelligence

AI will take over human decisions in a few years and leading this mission rests with you. We are ready.

Image Analysis

Deep learning and computer vision are proving their importance in extracting meaningful information. Join the bandwagon!

Internet Of Things

IoT solutions will be the lifeline of every other device that may come into existence. We are here to create a connected environment.

Big Data

We help in structuring and visualizing your data size in a compelling way. Go big with your data.