A web and mobile app with an intuitive UI to connect and interact
with customers in a B2B businesses.


For any business, the most respectable way forward is to be responsive to customers. The business has to have robust feedback system to understand customer complaints, and take corrective action to mitigate the impact for the customer, both present and future.

We assisted an internationally renowned firm to achieve customer feedback by designing a mobile app as required for their bakery supply business.

The Client

Our client is an internationally recognized supplier of high-quality, sustainable food ingredients worldwide. Our client has a huge customer base with branded manufacturers, retailers, and many other food service customers.

The Challenge

Our client had planned for a brand makeover and wanted to channelize their aspirations for the future with the customer preferences. They were in the process of adding new capabilities - especially in product development. The wanted to work closely with customers, to share fresh ideas and to inspire new concepts.

Customer engagement is inclusive of all the ways you interact with customers. Ideally, those interactions shall make customers to act positively toward your business or brand.

To boost customer engagement, our client wanted a platform to communicate and connect with their customers and for the customers to share their feedback.

Coherent was asked to design and provide a mobile app that can be used by the customers to facilitate easy feedback. The app is also used to inform the customer about the technological advancements. Hence it has to be an interactive app.

The Solution

Our client wanted to connect closely with snacking and bakery brands and wanted to develop an application that serves as a platform to communicate and engage with bakers. This application is for the bakers who consume our client’s products to share their feedback, raise complaints, and gain fresh insights on baking.

Customer engagement is about encouraging your customers to interact and share his/her experiences you create as a business and as a brand. It is important to know how to design applications based on customer preferences and to understand what features of the application stimulate consumer engagement.

A baker can install this mobile application and then register by providing all the necessary business and personal details. Based on his geographical location, the baker is then mapped to Technical Sales Force (TSF) user who is responsible for business development in that location.

Any baker can log a complaint or raise a query using their app and the complaint will be assigned to their corresponding TSF. Using the messaging feature of the app, the TSF will be able to ask for additional details about the query/issue and the baker will be able to respond using the same messaging feature. Baker will be notified when the issue/query is resolved.

In addition to that, this application will also be used to inform bakers about new products, and share articles, video blogs, and baking tips. Bakers can also calculate the profitability of their business on this application.

Key feature of this application

  • Smooth and easy-to-navigate UI.
  • Platform to share feedback and raise complaints.
  • Automated ticket routing based on geo-code.
  • Change and track the status of a ticket.
  • Notification when ticket status is changed.
  • Report of the number of complaints raised, complaints per product, and complaint status summary.
  • Post articles, blogs and tips on baking.
  • Calculated profitability of customer's business.
  • View trends of their profitability.
  • Push notifications to alert customers about new content that might interest them.
  • Multi-lingual support

The Effect

    A consistent series of positive, reliable and fruitful interactions with a business will help keep customers engaged and satisfied. Additional benefits of the app include:

  • Develops long term relationships with customers in an effective and meaningful way.
  • Improves customer engagement and retention.
  • Creates a sense of authenticity about the brand so customers will be aware of it and engage with it.
  • Customer engagement strategy will foster customer loyalty and sales growth.

Technologies used

  • Angular
  • Springboot Microservices
  • Core Java
  • MySQL
  • Azure cloud services

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