An automated solution to review the financial status and business
health of prospective buyer. The system also supports in making
an assessment about the credit that can be extended.


Extending credit facility to the customers is an integral part of today’s business scenario, in several fields. Due diligence before issuing credit to any customer has been a standard procedure. But now this initiative is to automate the process of data collection and compilation so that the verification and review happens faster.

The Client

Our client is a leading food and agriculture company, present across the world. They procure agricultural products from producers; they process, grade and sell the final product to bulk consumers.

Most of the sales transactions happens on “future” basis so the product is sold (or reserved to be sold) before it is even sowed.

The Challenge

The client wanted an automated system to assist in the review of the financial status and business life/health status of the prospective buyer. The system was expected to support making an assessment about the Credit that can be extended to every buyer.

The client wanted a feature to upload several documents with review and approval at different levels. The system was expected to help the firm take proper business decision based on documented facts and data about each buyer, with hierarchical controls. The software was to help easy retrieval and review of past data for later day analysis. to the newer generation of customers

The Solution

We, at Coherent, have designed a modular structure for the portal interface. This has become one common platform where the company plans to manage the total sales funnel in the future.

The Sales traders (ST) are the front-line team who collect customer data and documents and feed them in the system. The ST first creates the trader information page incorporating all required details. This is submitted to the Credit team, which reviews the data and approves or rejects the trader. The review process considers the credit score of the customer also.

In case of rejection, the Sales Trader can review the Rejected applications and resubmit to the credit team after uploading the missed documents. Once approved, the application reaches the “Client Services” section. This section reviews and “on boards” the said trader for the “Risk officer” to commence his assessment.

The users required a way to upload the required documents and communicate with party under review by email. Managing such a chain of information flow was a daunting task and it was handled expertly by our team.

Key Features Include

  • Secure Sign In
  • Role based authentication
  • Scalable system
  • Enhanced security
  • Audit Logs for quick reviewing

The Effect

    Our web-based platform makes it easy entry of data, uploading of documents and provide links between the different users in the company.

    The system developed so far covers the Risk assessment/management process upto the Risk officers level presently. It is likely to be enhanced to include the participation of higher level of hierarchy and decision makers in the near future.

  • Ease-of-use - The system is highly-intuitive
  • Efficient data entry and approval routing through automation.
  • Fast and most secured
  • Saves cost & time by automating the entire risk evaluation process

Technologies used

  • Angular
  • Springboot Microservices
  • MySQL
  • Azure cloud services

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