A comprehensive end-to-end loan management software solution
that automates the loan management procedures for better customer experience.


Our client has deep rooted presence in the countries where ingredients are available and is involved at every stage of their supply chains. Our client supplies products and ingredients at scale.

When sales orders are processed in a sub-optimal way it can lead to errors, additional costs and poor relationship with customers. So our client was looking at automating the Sales Order Process. He needs an order management tool to streamline orders from initial acceptance, through order approval, invoice generation, inventory control and to final delivery.

The Client

Our Client is a Non-Banking Finance Corporation who provides financial solutions with a range of customized product offerings. He has a widespread network with over 3000 dealers in India.

The Challenge

Our client has over 1.5 lakh customers and has disbursed loans worth Rs.800 crores.

As the customer base increases, servicing loans become complex. Every customer has different terms and payment dates. It is cumbersome to keep everything in order.

The legacy loan management system was making the lending process unduly tough because it involves large scale manual processes. Our client needed a solution that can omit out the tedious paperwork and can also make the loan management process efficient and cost-effective at the same time. With a digitized system, client also wants to cater to the newer generation of customers

The Solution

Every loan is different: they have different interest rates, payment dates, and more.

Our aim at Coherent was to design loan management software that can result in multi-faceted benefits for our client, right from easing the workflow to improving overall customer experience.

We have designed and developed a sound loan management system that speeds up the process, reduces human errors and creates a clear workflow.

Our loan management software stores customer data in a centralised place for ease of retrieval. This provides a 360-degree view of the customer’s profile.

With this software, client can track all the loans, calculate interests, fees, and more. It provides an integrated overview of all the different processes of the lending lifecycle like customer onboarding, credit assessment, loan disbursal, and loan repayment. It also offers scope for creating custom reports generation.

Key Features Include

  • Secure Sign In
  • View customer details authorization
  • Lists loan details
  • Statement of accounts quote
  • Repayment schedule
  • Loan balance reports
  • Generate custom reports

The Effect

    Our loan management solution would account for a broad range of use cases and adds value to the client. In addition to significantly improving the quality and turnaround time, it offers below benefits too

    Addition benefits include:

  • Safe, secure and organised data.
  • Mitigates errors.
  • Caters to new generation of customers
  • Streamlines the lending process and improves overall productivity.

Technologies used

  • Angular
  • Springboot Microservices
  • Core Java
  • MySQL
  • Azure cloud services

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