A robust and secure portal that simplifies every process of Employee
Share Declaration from administration to vesting of shares.


Shares offer a way to reward employees in addition to their basic pay. Employees may also acquire shares or share options under employee share schemes. This case study is about a scalable system that is used in the process of Employee Share Declaration from administration to vesting of shares with support for multiple tenants.

The Client

Our client is a global food and agri business giant with worldwide customers. Our client serves more than 25,000 customers across 60-plus countries.

The Challenge

Outside of the wages and salaries, one common method of compensating employees in today's corporate environment involves the purchase of company stock. This is proven to increase employee engagement and help companies grow and become more profitable. So, our client too wants to capitalize on the scheme.

This brings the next important point – Execution. Even the best benefits can be perceived poorly if they’re not implemented properly.

The current legacy system is incompatible with newer systems and has weakening security.

Also, our client has re-organised his business into 3 distinct operating groups and wants to handle the employee share declaration portal independently for each operating group. The legacy system has design limitation and cannot be enhanced to handle all the groups.

The Solution

We, at Coherent, focused on developing a robust system that can simplify every process of Employee Share Declaration from administration to vesting of shares. We have designed a scalable system that can easily adapt to future enhancements.

And since our client has re-organised to distinct operating groups, our challenge is to support these groups using a single instance of software. For this we adopted muti-tenancy approach.

With Multi-tenancy, a single instance of the software and its supporting infrastructure serves among distinct user groups(tenants). Each user group has a separate and isolated database and each tenant's data remains invisible to other tenants.

Our next challenge was to migrate data from older database to the new one. Since data we are dealing with is very sensitive and cannot be shared, we analysed the design of legacy system carefully and developed an application which enables database administrator to port the data to new system.

We have also used data encryption/decryption and other security features built-in to secure sensitive data.

Multiple reports can be generated using multiple search options which can be downloaded in excel and pdf format.

Key Features Include

  • Secure sign-in
  • Role based authentication
  • Scalable system
  • Enhanced security with Database encryption
  • Automatic calculations w.r.t. vesting and balance pool etc
  • Quick processing of bulk data comprising of grants
  • Report generation

The Effect

    Our web-based platform is used to capture the employee’s securities (shares) and their global holdings. Other benefits include:

  • Ease-of-use - The system is highly-intuitive
  • Multiple reports help in analysing the data and decision making.
  • It keeps users updated on share allocation.
  • Saves cost & time by automating the entire process of issuance of securities

Technologies used

  • Angular
  • Springboot Microservices
  • MySQL
  • Azure cloud services

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