A web application to create and publish surveys for CR&S with multi-level verification
and approval process. Reports are then generated for survey responses.


Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability (CR&S) is about bringing in social and environmental values into core strategy and operations of an industry in a sustainable way. Social responsibility and ethical practices are vital to success of any business.

Surveys are the most comprehensive source of data for CR&S. A detailed survey is the most effective method to understand the preferences of the local population. This case study is about designing a software to collect and analyze data for a CR&S project.

The Client

The client is a major player in the agriculture and food processing industry worldwide. Three verticals of their corporate entity came together for this social responsibility data collection.

The Challenge

Businesses worldwide have started placing greater emphasis on sustainability. Many companies are prioritizing sustainability as a social responsibility. In addition, sustainability also helps to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. The goal is to provide long-term value for every stakeholder without compromising people, planet, or the economy.

For CR&S, data is collected from multiple systems and sources before it is aggregated and published.

Currently all the data input and approvals are being captured manually through Spreadsheets. This data from various functionaries is then consolidated and used for reports, post approvals. As this is a tedious, time taking manual activity, CR&S team seeks to digitize and automate the entire work-flow process.

The requirement is for a dedicated software that helps the CRS team to formulate various survey questionnaires and collect relevant data.

The Solution

The CRS requirements and preferences change for each region. As the Client operates in different continents and states, this software is developed to enable each local Business Unit head to a create a survey and obtain inputs.

In this software the surveyor has the facility to enroll respondents for each survey. While defining the hierarchy of each respondent, the Business unit, Product, Country and Region are taken into account.

The software also facilitates the surveyor to publish surveys for several different categories (sections) to obtain inputs under various perspectives. The survey response is also verified and approved/rejected by the Approver.

The software also facilitates consolidation of the survey results in a common report to help the management make important decisions.

To address different language needs, the software provides translation of the English question raised by the Surveyor to Spanish and French.

Key Features Include

  • Secure and role based authentication
  • Scalable system
  • Automated survey creation and data-input
  • Approval flow for survey data
  • Report generation

The Effect

  • Identification and prioritisation of social & environmental issues
  • Examination of issues in the context of business situation
  • Strategy and policy for sustainability
  • Shaping and influencing healthy communities
  • Sustainable community planning and design

Technologies used

  • Angular
  • Springboot
  • MySQL

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