A user-friendly portal that features office management tasks like logging employee
requests, multi-level approvals, inventory tracking, booking meeting rooms and many more.


Our client has deep rooted presence in the countries where ingredients are available and is involved at every stage of their supply chains. Our client supplies products and ingredients at scale.

When sales orders are processed in a sub-optimal way it can lead to errors, additional costs and poor relationship with customers. So our client was looking at automating the Sales Order Process. He needs an order management tool to streamline orders from initial acceptance, through order approval, invoice generation, inventory control and to final delivery.

The Client

Our client manufactures a range of packaged foods and is one of the leading agri food companies in Ghana with customers all over the world.

The Challenge

With hundreds of employees and lack of a good administrative portal makes processes and general management chaotic and disoriented. A right office management tool can make all the difference. Our client was in need of efficient and effective office management software that helps in managing and improving the logistics within an office in order to support all the employees.

The Solution

After thoroughly understanding our client’s requirements, we designed a robust and comprehensive enterprise application. Our application helped to streamline operations and improve workflow within client’s organisation. After all, a good management tool for an admin can make the day more productive.

key features of our portal

  • Secure login for all employees
  • Support for multiple level of roles
  • View employee details
  • Log request for an item as per the employee’s role
  • Multi-level approval workflow
  • Track request status
  • Book a meeting room within a floor
  • Preview a business card
  • List purchase order along with invoice
  • Maintain inventory information

The Effect

    Our simple and convenient administrative portal acilitated our client with many benefits like

  • Simple and user friendly interface for office management.
  • Increased productivity and improved operations.
  • Enhanced employee experience

Technologies used

  • Angular
  • Springboot Microservices
  • Core Java
  • MySQL
  • Azure cloud services

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